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Dear President Obama;

I have never written to a President before but I write to you now. Not for myself, but for Marcus Garvey. I humbly ask that you please grant a pardon to a man, who like you lived a purpose-driven life. Like your journey to become president of the US, a journey many called impossible, he too had a journey that, to many was seen as impossible! That of working to inspire our people of African ancestry to become united together and to take our rightful place in the world and have pride in our race and ethnicity. His words remain relevant today as when he lived over one hundred years ago as is echoed in our famous singer Bob Marley’s reggae song, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind…” I hope you agree that for the hope he gave to all of us; the pride he helped us regain; the dignity and self-reliance he stood for as an ongoing beacon to us all is worthy of your consideration of this request. And, since at this time in our history you and you alone have the power to right this wretched wrong that you will do so and restore to his family a sense of wellbeing; and for the rest of us a measure of hope.

Thank you President Obama!!!

Kathryn D. 21 year old 3rd year medical student University of the West Indies (UWI) -Jamaica

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